Autophagy Diet

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Autophagy Diet

What is the best Autophagy Diet? Autophagy starts with fasting or intermittent fasting. It is between fasting or intermittent fasting and autophagy where you would want to use a diet for autophagy that helps you boost your autophagy results. If not done properly, you can shut off your autophagy markers and stop the healing and weight loss benefits of autophagy. There are foods and natural autophagy supplements that can help you keep your autophagy boosted and giving you life changing results.


The get the most of your diet for autophagy benefits, you will need to be in a fasted state for at least 16 hours. The ideal window is 18 hours to 36 hours plus. It's always a good idea to cycle your autophagy intermittent fasting by eating 2 meals per day, and then one meal per day or OMAD. You can add longer intervals between them and include autophagy boosting foods to increase the number of autophagocytes (autophagy clean-up cells) so they work faster than without them. That's what using autophagy foods and supplements can do for you.


Foods for Autophagy


Autophagy Foods

Autophagy Foods can increase the level at which your body stays in autophagy, so you get better results from autophagy. Certain foods boost autophagy and other foods stop autophagy cold. If you stay on course you can reap life changing autophagy results from rapid weight loss (permanent belly fat loss) while retaining healthy lean muscle mass and stopping the negative effects of insulin resistance, like diabetes and heart disease. Here are the best foods to consume for a boost in autophagy:

  • Coffee (particularly bulletproof coffee)
  • Green Tea (Matcha green tea is great)
  • Mushrooms (particularly reishi mushrooms)
  • Olive Oil (extra virgin olive oil)
  • MCT Oil (medium chain triglyceride oil from coconuts)
  • Turmeric (turmeric-curcumin is the healthy spice used in Indian dishes)
  • Cacao (raw chocolate, without added sugar, highest % of cacao is best)
  • Lemon (a couple teaspoons of lemon in a tea is great)
  • Cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon is best)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ideally Bragg's or ACV tablets if you can't handle the acidity)
  • Keto Diet Foods

You can even use decaffeinated coffee as it's the antioxidants in coffee that appear to have the benefit. Use the above foods to increase autophagy in your body, especially when you break your fast (breakfast.) As you limit the amount of proteins and sugars you will keep your body in autophagy and healthy ketosis.


foods that stop autophagy


Autophagy Inhibitors

There are other foods and drinks that are Autophagy Inhibitors and will limit the benefits you get from autophagy and stop the healing process in your body. Here are foods you will want to avoid during autophagy so you can get all the benefits of autophagy fasting in the shortest amount of time:

  • High Protein Foods (Anything with more than 2 grams)
  • Sugars or Simple Carbohydrates (3 grams or less)
  • Processed foods
  • Wheat, Corn, Soy, Grain foods
  • Trans Fats (margarine)
  • Cooking Oils (vegetable oils, seeds oils, canola oil)
  • Foods that are calorie dense (non-fats that have more than 5 grams)

Avoid the foods that inhibit autophagy and you'll continue to make wonderful gains. Make the autophagy foods a staple in your daily autophagy diet plan and you will look, feel and be healthier than you have ever been. The anti-aging benefits of autophagy are remarkable, and better than any pill or Botox injection could ever give you. They can help but nothing is better than invoking your own autophagy and healing yourself, because it is something you control and something you can do all the time.


Autophagy Tea


Autophagy Coffee

Autophagy Coffee? If you're a coffee lover then you're in luck. Coffee, even decaffeinated coffee has been shown to enhance the effects of autophagy. Particularly Bulletproof Coffee, with either organic grass fed, free range butter, or MCT oil can be very helpful in helping you get the full benefits of autophagy. It can even enhance your autophagy by speeding up autophagocytosis (the process where autophagy cells break down and clean up damaged proteins in your body and use the free amino acids to build new healthy cells and DNA. 


Autophagy Tea is great too. You can use it the same way. Matcha green tea (autophagy green tea) is particularly great for autophagy. If you're not a tea drinker, you can get the active ingredient called ECGC that gives you the autophagy benefit of green tea, without drinking it. That is what I do; I drink coffee for autophagy in the morning with MCT oil, and a little Ceylon cinnamon. It really has helped me heal from some chronic nervous system conditions and helped me lose 60 pounds of belly fat! 


autophagy ketosis


Autophagy Keto

Autophagy Keto are the best pairing of healthy habits you can develop that can help you achieve optimal health and be at your ideal weight; now and in the years to come. Autophagy naturally triggers ketosis, as does following a healthy keto diet plan. When you use autophagy fasting for 18-36 hours or longer and then use a ketogenic diet in between, you have a recipe for success on a grand scale.


Autophagy vs ketosis; autophagy starts when your body is in a fasted state and starts breaking down damaged proteins in your body. Whereas ketosis is when your body starts releasing stored body fat as energy and fuel for your body. They both come from an absence of sugars or glucose in your diet. Autophagy also needs an absence of protein because it breaks down damaged proteins in your body, and can only be activated when your body isn't taking in any protein foods.




Autophagy Diet Plan

The best Autophagy Diet Plan is based on using a Healthy Keto Diet. Here is a great diet for autophagy that you can use to supercharge your autophagy benefits right now. Here is a sample autophagy meal and day plan to get you started:

  • Upon awakening take 1 tablespoon EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) with 2 reishi mushroom capsules and one ECGC (green tea extract) capsule.
  • 20 minutes later have a cup or two of Bulletproof coffee with Ceylon Cinnamon or Cacao powder in it.
  • A couple hours later (11:00 am to 12:00 pm) have a protein meal or regular meal.
  • 4-6 hours later have a large green salad with an avocado and full fat salad dressing. I squeeze a lemon on it and sprinkle some walnuts on it. I also include a piece of high fat cheese or eat some macadamia nuts because they are almost all fat and no protein or carbs.
  • Some evenings I'll have a shot glass of red wine as the resveratrol in it is very helpful for autophagy.
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • Vary your protein rich meal and low to no protein meal timing but keep it to a 16-8, 18-6 or 20-4 eating plan.
  • Try OMAD (one meal per day or every other day as you get good at it, of if you're trying to heal from some serious condition like cancer, nerve damage, diabetes, etc.

Autophagy and Ketosis really works and can help you look and feel better than you ever have. The only side effect I noticed is that I had to buy all new clothing as my regular clothing was not 6 sizes too big!

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