Autophagy Supplements

how to boost autophagy

Autophagy Supplements

What are the best Autophagy Supplements? Using autophagy supplements can help you activate the many autophagy benefits much quicker than without using them. Certain autophagy foods, spices, beverages and nutrients signal your hormones that your body is in “starvation mode” which can be an elevated state of ketosis (fat burning instead of carbohydrate burning) when there are no proteins from dietary sources to interfere with it.


The best way to start autophagy is by fasting (water fasting or fasting without water.) You can even improve on this by using specific supplements for autophagy that increase the signals that your body needs to activate it in your body asap. What these autophagy supplements do is increase the number of autophagocytes (scavenger cells that eat up damaged, decayed or pathogenic cells.) This process is called autophagocytosis and is like doubling or tripling the amount of clean-up and recycling center workers in your body so they can repair damage to your body’s cells a lot quicker than without them.


Autophagy Supplements


How to Increase Autophagy

How to Increase Autophagy naturally using supplements that boost autophagy the easy way. It works well during prolonged or intermittent fasting. Use it if you’re on a healthy ketogenic diet to enhance your healing and weight loss results dramatically. Here are the best autophagy supplements that you can use to increase the number of autophagy markers in your body, and expedite your autophagy results quickly:

These are the best natural autophagy supplements that give you the most powerful and fastest autophagy increase. They should be ideally used with a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. You can use them best when you are not eating dietary protein (between meals or before your first meal.)


You can find most of these autophagy boosting foods and nutrients at your local health food store, farmer’s market or online. Just click on the autophagy supplements shown above and get started experiencing the benefits of autophagy in a heartbeat!


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