Autophagy Without Fasting

how to increase autophagy without fasting

Autophagy Without Fasting

Autophagy Without Fasting? It may seem like that is not possible as the benefits of autophagy are because of the fasting. But are they completely bound by fasting or intermittent fasting alone? That is a good question and one I asked myself at first. The miracle process of autophagy happens when your body doesn't have any circulating protein in the body and turns on the autophagy triggers that begin the deep healing process of autophagy in your body .


Autophagy in cells happens when your body has signaled that it has no circulating protein and therefore needs to break down existing proteins (older proteins, proteins in tissues that are not formed properly) and use them to regenerate new cells elsewhere. This process also can lead to your body producing new stem cells to help create new healthy tissues body wide, from your brain to your skin. Autophagy without fasting can occur when your body doesn't have any protein in it and you are taking proteolytic systemic enzymes that break down protein specifically.


autophagy without fasting


How to Trigger Autophagy

How to Trigger Autophagy without fasting naturally. You really need to start with a low carb diet like a Healthy Keto Diet plan. When using keto for autophagy you need to also limit the amount of proteins you eat during your meals. The more you do this the greater your autophagy without fasting results. I eat my first meal around 11 am and my second meal around 3 pm. My first meal has protein in it and the second one doesn't. That way I have almost 23 1/2 hours between meals (excluding the amount of time for digestion of proteins) and all that time can trigger autophagy diet results.


Autophagy usually starts when there is no protein present in your digestive system for 16 hours or more. There is a specific way you can increase the amount of autophagy (number of autophagy cells) and also lessen the time it needs to begin the process in your body. It is by triggering protein breakdown with specific enzymes that help your body do just that. You can also use autophagy supplements to increase the time your body spends in autophagy whether you fast or not. It boosts autophagy without fasting quickly.


Autophagy Without Fasting


How to Increase Autophagy Without Fasting

How to Increase Autophagy Without Fasting? Here is the process I use that absolutely works and allows me to get the benefits of autophagy diet planning while using less time actually fasting. It is using Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes like those in Heal-n-Soothe. Heal and Soothe is a miracle substance to those that haven't heard of it or used it to help their bodies recover from all types of injury, arthritis and malformed scar tissue (excess fibrin.) You simply use it between meals, particularly when you've eaten little to no protein (so it doesn't have to digest it first) and it goes through your body looking for malformed protein and mineral structures (scar tissue, bone spurs, damaged cartilage, fibrin, etc.)


This is active autophagy, and can even increase your normal autophagy fasting results if you do intermittent fasting or longer fasts. I use it with intermittent fasting with my one protein meal per day and It is working wonders for me. It can help you rejuvenate older tissues and replace them with new tissues. If you do fast and use the systemic enzymes it can cause a whole body renewal with stem cell activation (usually 4 to 10 days fast.) I highly recommend using the autophagy activating Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes to get you there faster using autophagy without fasting!

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